DIY Backyard Jenga


Looking for a fun backyard game to make with your kids? Giant Jenga is perfect!

I love how my husband is always looking for fun things to do with our girls. I especially like it when his ideas allow them to work with him in the garage or out in the yard. What I like even more is when their creations benefit the family, such as this backyard game.

Steve came across this project one day while on YouTube and loved how simple it was. It was something he and our oldest could do together but allowed Sadie the chance to do most of it on her own with Steve supervising.

Gather Supplies



Cut Boards

You are going to want to measure out your boards marking every 10 1/4 inches.

Carefully make your cuts until you have a minimum of 54 pieces. Your cut boards should look like this:


Start with 60 grit and round your edges.

(Steve said he should have used his router to round the edges before sanding. Also, a stationary belt sander would have made the process easier, but Sadie got some good experience in with the palm sander.)

Once the edges are rounded, go back over each board with the 120 grit sandpaper.

Doesn’t Sadie look so cute in my painting smock? I’m not sure how I feel about my oldest being able to wear my clothes now. 🙂

Once you are done sanding, the pieces should look like this:


On to the fun part. *insert sarcasm*

Thankfully, Sadie enjoys painting and did not ask for my help. She divided her boards into three sections and painted one color at a time. If you are painting with a lighter color, you should do two coats.


Cut up your old t-shirt into square pieces and ball one piece in your hand and rub against the surface of the wax. You will then apply the wax along the wood grain of each board. A little goes a long way.

After you let the wax dry for fifteen minutes, you can add a second coat, which I recommend. After the pieces are dry, you are going to use circular motions with a fresh square of t-shirt and buff the piece.

Tip: Make sure your ends are sanded smooth or the wax will catch in the roughness and collect. If you prefer the more rugged look than you may need a stiff brush to clean out the excess wax.

(Candid picture of Sadie and Mahaala waxing away. I think it was relaxing for them, just waxing and chatting.)

Now, all that is left to do is have fun! (Oh, and win, because that’s the point of a game, right?) 😉


Of course, you can pick any color you want, you can even stain the wood. You can also buy smaller boards if you prefer a smaller set.

Steve and Sadie bought enough wood for two sets, one smaller than the other. They will be staining the smaller set so you can see the difference and I will update when they finish with them.

*Updated picture of plain wood pieces covered in only wax. (Steve and Sadie liked the pieces better without adding the stain.)*

ESTIMATED COST: $55 (We already had the tools so your cost could be more or less depending on what you have on hand and what items you choose to purchase.)

Do you have any favorite backyard games? If you liked this post, share away, I know Sadie would love to know her hard work was enjoyed. 🙂

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