At Home

Keeping a home is something most girls dreamed of doing from the time they could reach their play sink.

But the reality of keeping a home differs vastly from what I remember as a little girl. There seems to be more work than fun and things break a lot more often.

But home is special and I thank God for ours every day, even when it drives me crazy. These posts have lots of ideas in them, some of our failures, and plenty of inspiration.

picture of woman holding drill links to my D.I.Y project posts

DIY Projects

Check out what we’re working on now!

Picture of a laundry hamper with clothes hanging out links to my posts about keeping a home

Keeping a Home

I don’t have a cleaning fairy, but I do have some tips!

Picture of an apron with supplies in pockets links to my product reviews

Product Reviews

If you want to know about some great products, check out my reviews here!

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.

My Favorite Resources

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