Best Kept Secret for a Chemical-Free Pool

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You can have a chemical-free experience this summer!

When we first upgraded from a kiddie pool to one with a filter, I was on cloud nine! Our kids were still pretty young and our new pool was tiny, in all honesty, but it was deep enough for me to relax in with room enough for the girls. The only problem was, we rarely got to swim in it.

The first problem was the chemicals we had to put in. I could never get the balance right so it eventually turned a nasty green within a couple of days. The second problem was the chemicals we had to put in. When the water turned green, we would shock it and the effects were so strong I didn’t want to get in the water, much less put my toddlers in there.

Summertime became pretty frustrating for me. Finally, after a year or two of this, I researched other ways to keep our pool clean without the use of so many chemicals. That’s when I came across the term “salt-water pool” and my summers were changed forever.

Salt-water Filtration System

Have you ever heard of a salt-water pool? It is a pool that uses a Saltwater Filtration System with an ozone filter that “provides virtually complete, instantaneous, odorless, all-natural sanitation of pool water. Ozone eliminates bacteria over 3, 000 times faster than chlorine and because it has up to 100 times the oxidizing power of chlorine, it cleans pool water without the chemical smell that swimmers often associate with chlorine.” (Amazon’s description; they say it better than me.)

How does it work, exactly? Well, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. What I do know is, we put a bag of pool salt in the water after the pool is filled and the system does the rest. It even tells you when you need to add more salt. (Two bags usually last us all summer.)

I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing! Let me prove it. This was our pool at the start of the summer:

Two months later, this is how it still looks:

This is without a single drop of chemicals! (Let me clarify, the pool isn’t chlorine-free since the ozone filter makes its own chlorine, but the amount is substantially lower and gentler.) I didn’t even get to cleaning out the leaves that made its way into the pool before taking this picture.

Let’s  say your power goes out and the pool gets cloudy or green, all you have to do is push the “boost” button on the machine and by next morning the water looks like this again.

It’s that easy!

Sand Filter Pump

If you hate changing out your filter cartridge, there’s also a cost-effective filter out there that works in tandem with the Filtration system, call a Sand Filter Pump You add one bag of fine sand to the pump and that one bag can last up to five years!

Literally, I spend 30 seconds a week backwashing the pump and rinsing the sand. That’s it. No chemicals, no buying filters. Just beautiful water. All summer long.

If you like bundle options, they even sell the two as a Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System set. I wish they had that option when we bought ours. Oh well, ours are still working fine four years later, no need to replace them with a newer model! (Speaking of models, make sure you buy the right systems for your size pool.)

Pros and Cons

If you are still not convinced, I’ll lay out the “great” and the “eh”.


  • Better for your eyes and skin. Instead of adding chlorine into your pool, the ozone filter makes its own, only it’s much gentler. My eyes get very irritated in a regular pool, so this is great for me.
  • The water feels amazing. When you use a water softener in your home, you have silky-feeling water. The saltwater pools produce the same type water which feels so good on a nice hot day!
  • The water is not as salty as the sea. I about gagged the first time I got a mouthful of sea water. This is nothing like it, thank goodness!
  • Low-Maintenance. Did I mention I only spend 30 secs a week keeping my water clean?
  • It could pay for itself in a few years. I felt like we were always buying chemicals and filters. Now, we buy two bags of salt, that’s it.


  • The initial investment is expensive. If you wait until they go on sale, you can get a great deal. Even then you are still spending a couple hundred dollars. (It was totally worth the investment to me!)
  • Setup may look intimidating. It’s nothing a few YouTube videos can’t help with. 🙂
  • Salt rusts metal. Last year, the metal parts of our pool had rust by the end of the summer, including our ladder. We upgraded our pool slightly this year and almost everything is either coated or heavy-duty plastic. So far, no rust.

I hope this post was informative for those of you who wish to cut down on the chemical footprint from your daily lives. Every summer I’m so grateful we bought ours. Now that we’ve had a saltwater pool for going on four years, there’s no way we’re going back to the traditional method!

Do you have a saltwater pool? What do you like/dislike about it?


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