The God of the Valley

The God of the Valley

Stepping onto a large boulder, the view before me is straight out of a dream. Mist hangs heavy amongst towering evergreens like webs strung from the multiple branches of a tree. Every shade of brown and green are represented in the alpine tussocks that grow along every inch of the mountainside except for the narrow

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Forgiveness is a Choice

Forgiveness is a Choice

I watched a documentary once that was so powerful it left me a sobbing mess before it was even halfway through. Normally, documentaries do not have this kind of effect on me. The ones I usually watch are instructive, clarifying, and sometimes entertaining, but not moving and certainly not gut-wrenchingly emotional. But this one, this

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Am I Worthy

Am I Worthy?

A distinctly male voice resonated in the stuffy air of the crowded temple where there was room enough to stand. A commotion near the back of the room silenced the speaker, and all heads turned towards the ones responsible for the interruption as they made their way to the front. Several men flanked a desperate

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