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Laundry Room Makeover

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Laundry room makeovers make the daily task of laundry so much better!

You may have heard me say that I don’t like dark places. It’s one of the reasons I hated our former basement until we remodeled it and our laundry room was no exception. The only nice thing about our former laundry room was how big it was. It also doubled as a storage room which was a plus.

I do miss that room, now that we have moved. My husband did a fine job making it a place I didn’t mind being in.

See the difference a little paint and lighter flooring can make?  Now let’s break it down.

First, we applied Kilz everywhere. Love this stuff!

Then Steve and I painted all the walls. Of course, we used my favorite, Behr Marquee. (Did you know it really covers in just one coat!) Because we were both busy with the painting, no pictures captured all our hard work. 🙂

Next, we bought the cheapest peel and stick tile we could find at Menards that also went well with the wall color. You can’t tell from the pics, but there are blue flecks in the tile that matched the paint on the walls perfectly. It was a nice find.

Of course, the girls had to help. They help in almost every project we do until they get bored and move on. 🙂

I just love how clean everything looks! I only wish we had done this sooner instead of waiting until we were moving to update it. Oh well.

I’m kicking myself because I did not get a single picture of the floor to ceiling tote storage my husband built. It was awesome! I made him promise to build me another one here in our forever home.

I also failed to get a good picture of the laundry sorter Steve built. Adding that to the list of things he needs to build for me.

After all the work we put into our basement, the new homeowners nearly bought a new place. 🙂 (You can see the rest of the basement and the work we did in my articles on remodeling the bathroom and the main area.) It was well worth the return we got on our investment and knowing that people loved the work we put into it made all the difference.

I’d love to see pictures of your own laundry room makeover!


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