Point Blank: Not Your Typical Gun Range

When my husband told me a new range opened up down the street from us, I knew it was only a matter of time before we would be making a visit. If you don’t already know, my husband, Steve, is a full-time police officer for a local department and a firearms instructor. We live and breathe firearms in this family.

Upon our arrival, Steve and I met Jim, the store manager. Jim is an incredible guy with a passion for what their company stands for and it was evident from the first hand shake. Our first impressions of the store exceeded our expectations!

inside Point Blank two men talking beside a display case
Steve and Jim chatting away about their favorite topic: guns.

After a tour of the store and range, Jim took the time to talk with us about the mission of Point Blank and what sets them apart from other gun ranges. He wasn’t just shooting us a pitch either, I saw the heart of their business in action from the moment their doors opened to the public.

Let me list some of the things I love about Point Blank:

Point Blank is not just for gun experts.

In fact, they specialize in teaching and helping people who might not know much about guns. You will not walk into Point Blank and feel intimidated by what you don’t know. The staff is well-trained, helpful and there for you.

Point Blank has several classes from Basic Handgun to Concealed Carry and Free Seminars that help you build upon your knowledge. All in line with their mission to promote responsible firearm use and ownership.

collage of pictures inside Point Blank
Everything at Point Blank is geared for the customer experience.

Point Blank is not just for men.

For some women, it can be a bit frustrating to walk into a range. Intimidating, even.

Not at Point Blank. I was treated with the same respect as my husband and never once did I feel inferior even though I know my knowledge of handguns is nothing compared to Steve’s.

The atmosphere was unlike any I have ever experienced, and I have been to my fair share of ranges. I felt completely at ease from the moment I was greeted at the door. There were even two female staff members working who were ready to answer any questions a customer might have.

As a mom who is always concerned for the safety and well-being of my family, I felt very comfortable asking questions and learning the options available to me.

display on wall of guns
Everything about the store is welcoming.

Point Blank is all about safety.

The measures that are taken each and every day to ensure a safe and comfortable experience impressed me. Jim even took us downrange to show us the materials used to catch the bullets, explaining their reason for choosing them and how they enhance the customer’s time on the range.

There is also a safety officer on the range at all times who are available to help and instruct if need be. You never have to worry if the person next to you is being reckless; everything is managed well.

If you want your kids to learn about gun safety and the proper ways to use one, Point Blank is the place to bring them.

Point Blank encourages gun ownership.

One frustrating part of buying a gun is not knowing beforehand if a particular model is the right fit for you. Point Blank allows you to rent a handgun for $10 or a long gun for $15 (yes, you can shoot rifles and shotguns at this range) with unlimited change out.

Meaning you can shoot one gun a few times then trade it in for another, as many times as you want. I wish that option was available before we bought mine!

When you are ready to buy a gun, they have plenty to choose from!

rack of guns on a wall
Walls of guns.

If you are just starting out and don’t own any protective gear, targets, etc., you can rent everything you need at Point Blank. You don’t even need to bring your own ammo, they have plenty to choose from at comparable prices.

stacks of ammunition arranged nicely
Plenty of ammunition.

Point Blank is a brick-and-mortar establishment.

For some, that might be a turn-off but with over a dozen stores in six states and more set to open soon, it’s obvious they are doing something right.

Every new store is a step up from the previous one as they are always looking for what doesn’t work and updating. Constantly improving; now that’s the kind of business I can get behind!

Point Blank allows children to shoot free of charge.

That’s right. Children aged 14 and under can shoot for free with a legal guardian. That sold me right there. Our girls love to shoot and this allows Steve or I to take them anytime we want with minimal cost to us.

This might be a good time to mention Point Blank’s discount days. They have Lunchtime Specials, Senior Day, Ladies Day, and even Date Night specials. Go to their website www.rangeusa.com. for more discounts and for their party and events information.

Point Blank’s range is well-lit and climate controlled.

Have you ever been to a range and felt like you were in a dungeon? I have and I hated it.

Point Blank is the polar opposite. They have two separate ranges with 10 lanes each and everything is clean, well-lit, and safe.

windows separating lanes in a shooting range
Bullet-proof windows between lanes.

I would like to take this time to thank Point Blank for allowing Life Worth the Living to cover their new store and for providing my husband and me a great time out on the range!

man pointing gun at paper target
This guy always amazes me on the range.
woman pointing gun at paper target
I enjoy shooting; probably why Steve married me. 🙂
paper targets compared side by side
Mine is on the left; Steve’s is obvious. haha

I did not shoot my best, but Steve always blows me out of the water, anyway. And this is after his putting in a full shift at work with no sleep. I’m not even sure why I try. 🙂 (We shot from 5 yards all the way to 25 yards on these targets.)


To say my expectations were far surpassed is an understatement. Point Blank Range and Gun Shop have earned our highest recommendations and we look forward to taking our girls with us next time.

We definitely encourage you to try them out for yourselves!

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