Practical Gift Ideas

Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

It never fails, there will always be a holiday or birthday that sneaks up on us and catches us unawares.

That is my middle daughter and my dad’s birthday. They are both at the beginning of their birth month and I end up not realizing how close the day is until I only have a couple days left to shop.

And if that’s you, too, I’ve got you covered with this universal list of practical gift ideas for the last minute shopper.

I compiled a list of practical gift ideas, perfect for anyone on your list and they’re all from Amazon so you can have it delivered within two days time.

Talk about saving our procrastinating selves, huh?

Happy Shopping!

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Gifts for Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister or Wife

Gifts for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother or Husband

Gifts for Daughter or Niece (child)

Gifts for Daughter or Niece (Adult)

Gifts for Son or Nephew (Child)

Gifts for Son or Nephew (Adult)

Gifts for a College Student

Gifts for a Teacher

Gifts for a Student

Gifts for a Boss

Gifts for a Co-Worker

Gifts for Neighbors

Gifts for a Cat or Dog

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12 thoughts on “Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List”

  1. So many good ideas! Pinning this for when I start trying to figure out what on earth ten year old boys would want for Christmas in a few weeks.

  2. Nice gift list. I do like how you categorized them as gift shopping for a niece who is still a kid and shopping for a niece who is a teen is a totally different ballpark!

    Honestly I kinda just wanna get the infuser water bottle for myself than give it to someone else!

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