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Remodel of a Small Bathroom

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Remodeling a small bath can produce big results!

If you read my post on our basement remodel, you will remember how gross our basement once looked. That was nothing compared to this bathroom. Once it was remodeled, however, it soon became my favorite part of the house. haha

I just loved to look at it. I couldn’t believe the transformation.


You’ll have to forgive these pictures, they were taken quite a few years ago, but you get the general idea of how desperately this poor thing needed an overhaul.

First things first, we had to gut the little room. That was interesting. We finally split up, I took the shower and Steve gutted the bathroom.  Quite frankly, I think I got the raw end of the deal. Whoever put up the shower liners used the strongest glue on the planet. It was horrid trying to remove it! I finally had to enlist Mr. Muscles.

I really just wanted to watch him work. 🙂

After several hours, we removed the liners and as much of the glue as we could without damaging the cement walls.

Down to the studs.

This is my husband’s rendering of what we wanted for the bathroom. SketchUp is his playground. I’d say he’s pretty good at it. 🙂

Steve put up the drywall and I mudded and sanded.

Due to the amount of tile work that needed doing and the limited amount of time we had, we hired our friends to do this stage. We are so glad we did! It looks stunning! We were able to use leftover tile from our bathroom remodel upstairs and combined it with a much cheaper tile to complete the look.

I was left to do the painting and the design. Again, I used Behr Marquee. I never paint without it.


If you notice, the final product was very close to Steve’s original design. Instead of paying a ton for a nice, long mirror, I found two mirrors that matched our decor; I loved how it turned out. Steve was not sold on it at first but trusted my judgment and the look eventually grew on him.

Again, I’m using the pictures from the listing because they are so much better than our own.

Isn’t it just beautiful?? I still love to look at the pictures. So many people said the basement and this bathroom sold our home. I would probably have to agree. 🙂

Did you have a room you remodeled that you just fell in love with?


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