Toiletry Bag Review

Spending three weeks traveling across the globe has given me a new appreciation for useful travel bags. Especially since we decided we would only bring one suitcase and one carry-on each.

(It was an excellent decision with the eight flights and ten buses/shuttles we carted our luggage in and out of during our trip.)

So, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was asked to review a travel bag for They sent me their Toiletry Bag for Women, asked me to check it out, and give an honest review on my blog.

After spending some time getting to know the ins and outs of this new bag, I am happy to pass on my thoughts.

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First Impressions

When I was first contacted, I had never heard of the brand so I wanted to look into them before furthering our communication. I was happy to see they had a great record with Amazon and their reviews were positive.

Bagail Toiletry Bag

I was also impressed with their super fast shipping as I did not use Prime shipping.

Right away I liked the size. It’s small enough to fit nicely in my suitcase and large enough to hold everything I need.

Bagail Toiletry Bag opened up

As you can see, there are many little pockets for your things, which I love! My former bag had one large opening with no compartments. I was like a kid at Christmas filling my new bag. haha

Testing its Capacity

Steve and I normally travel light so this bag might or might not fit your personal needs but I filled it with what we would normally take and was pleasantly surprised to see everything fit!

Toiletry Bag hanging on a hook with items inside

What I filled in our bag was what my husband and I would normally take for a week-long excursion. However, for our three-week trip, there really wasn’t much more I would have added. This bag still would have filled our needs then.

The bag is packed pretty full, however, as you can see, I didn’t fill every space available.

toiletry items on a counter

All this fit inside the bag nicely and I still had a couple of pockets for my jewelry.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of a sturdy material but also lightweight.
  • I like the honeycomb design.
  • The toiletry bag comes in five colors. (Navy, Pink, Black, Purple, and Red.)
  • Zippers open smoothly.
  • There are pockets EVERYWHERE!
  • The pockets are multiple sizes; perfect for storing my oils with my bigger items.
  • It has the option to hang while open or closed.
  • I can fit a full-sized shampoo/conditioner inside.
  • It is waterproof. (If your closed bag falls in the sink while the water is running, the inside will have some water droplets but nothing that will damage anything.)


  • The zippers don’t seem very hardy.
  • It is not machine washable.
  • When hanging open, my larger items are not held in place well, as you can see in my picture.


I was very happy with my new travel bag and am excited to use it on our next trip. has an entire line of travel items, many of which are on my wishlist; I will definitely be considering them for our future purchases in travel accessories! I encourage you to check out their other items here. (Enter coupon code BAGAIL90 for 10% off your purchase!)

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but if I am recommending an item in my post, it is only because I have used it myself or have done enough research on the product to feel it is a good fit for my readers.

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