Why I Chose Bambody Period Underwear for my Teen Girls

As women, period care is one of those necessary evils but thankfully, we have so many options available that it no longer has to be a nuisance. In fact, it can be a comfortable, sleek, and stylish experience. And yes, period underwear included!

If you read my post, Period Panties for Beginners, you know that I was a bit put off by the idea of reusable period products. But with four women in our home, things can get pretty pricy each month when it comes to menstrual products. Eventually, we had to consider other options.

I ended up going the route of a menstrual cup before my hysterectomy, but my girls wanted to give period panties a try and I was more than happy to oblige as I knew it could give the girls the peace of mind that disposable menstrual products just don’t offer.

So I researched all the different brands out there (there’s a lot!) and came across Bambody. I was so impressed with their website and how thoroughly they educate you about their products, how to care for them, and answered all the other questions I had, that I stopped looking elsewhere and bought each of my girls a pair.

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Does Bambody Period Underwear Work?

My girls were as skeptical about period panties as I was but after their first night with one on, they were sold.

We went with the Absorbent Panty and they loved how comfortable it was and how well they fit which says a lot about Bambody’s sizing charts. Even though period underwear is slightly thicker than regular underwear, the girls did not notice the difference once they were about their day.


Bambody period panties keeps them dry all night long and the Absorbent Panty has an extra-long panel that extends to the waistband front and back which allows them to sleep however they want without the fear of leaking. If there is one thing my girls love most about wearing period underwear it would be the ability to sleep comfortably on their periods.

When it comes to cleaning the underwear, it’s as simple as throwing it in the wash when they wake up or whenever the underwear starts to feel damp. The period panties wash great with no lingering odor.

Care instructions for bambody underwear

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Why Bambody?

I looked at several period underwear brands and I know there are some great ones out there, but I felt Bambody was the most thorough of all the websites I came across and their prices were reasonable. They may not have as much of a selection for period care clothing as other brands, but I was very happy with the quality, fit, and comfort of their underwear.

I also liked that they use bamboo in their fabric which makes the underwear more breathable, even with the added material. Some companies also use chemicals in their fabric but Bambody does not and that is important to me. Even the bamboo they use in their fabric is free from pesticides, etc.

Bambody also has a special print that if bought, allows them to donate a free pair to a girl in Africa through the Massai Water Project, which is a really neat charity to be a part of!

And the other thing that sold me on making a purchase was that they source their products through Amazon so I knew if the size didn’t fit I would not have a problem with returns, which is something you’re never sure of with a new company. And shipping was pretty fast, too.

You can check out their Amazon selection here.


If you are looking for a period underwear company to try, let me recommend Bambody. I have been impressed with this company and my girls love their products and how much better they make their periods; that’s enough to make this momma happy!

If you have a young lady who hasn’t started her period yet, this post has some great tips to make it a memorable experience. And if you don’t have a period tracker yet, you can get yours here.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but if I am recommending an item in my post, it is only because I have used it myself or have done enough research on the product to feel it is a good fit for my readers.

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