How to Make a DIY First Period Kit

What to put in a Period Kit:

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Getting your first period is an exciting rite of passage for most girls, but it is also full of unknowns which can leave a young girl full of anxiety. (If this is your first time navigating these waters as a parent, you can read my post on how to prepare for your daughter’s first period.)

The first time I heard of a Period Bag, I knew I had to make some for my daughters. Not only does it alleviate some of the stress for girls who are waiting for it to come, but it also makes them feel confidant that they are prepared. (And it relieves some anxiety for mom, too!)

With three daughters of my own, making DIY period bags was not only a no-brainer but something I thought we could have fun putting together.

First, pick out a really cute bag.

an orange, Ipsy makeup bag with makeup decals on it

First, this experience should be fun; it’s something each of my daughters has looked forward to. They love getting to pick out their bags and all the goodies that go inside.

There are so many little bags to choose from. We get some from Ipsy, so a few kits have been made with them. But you can buy them just about anywhere.

We usually keep a bag in the car plus each girl has one in her locker at school or in her backpack. (If you use a makeup bag, no one’s the wiser when you take it with you in the bathroom.)

Next, pick out what your daughter needs inside her period bag.

pads and panty liners displayed on the floor

When you are making a bag for a first period, you will really only need a liner or two. If you are making emergency period kits for older girls, then a pad or tampon will most likely be needed.

Make sure they’re individually wrapped for sanitary purposes and having them in cute packaging just gives a little boost in spirit. I know it sounds a bit over the top, but when you are dealing with such a sensitive situation, little things make a big difference.

Also, something to consider which has been making a big splash lately are period panties and reusable liners/pads. These options are great when it comes to reducing our footprint and using sustainable products.

Including sanitary wipes are a great idea as it helps your daughter feel fresher and clean up won’t be an issue.

Also, include a fresh pair of panties in case she needs to change, and having a Ziploc baggie to store soiled clothes in is another must-have.

And lastly, make sure to add some chocolate!

Ghirardelli chocolate displayed on the floor

Every woman knows the power of chocolate when it comes to periods. There is something calming and delicious about the creamy goodness and including some in your daughter’s period pack provides a little calm to what could be a stressful situation.

I think this is my daughter’s favorite part of shopping for their kits. They love getting to pick out their favorite candies or trying something new. For this cause, I never hold back. They get to add whatever chocolates they choose.


emergency period kit with liners, chocolate and a pair of panties

Making a homemade period kit need not be complicated or decked out with all. the. things. It can be as simple as you want or as inclusive as you need.

But having one for a daughter has been such a great thing in our home, I highly recommend them, especially for your girl’s first period. Really, even us moms could benefit from having one; you never know what could happen while out and about!

Also, taking this one step further and putting together a period survival kit is a great gift idea for your daughter’s first period.

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