Unique and Trendy Gifts to WOW Any Crafty Teen

With three daughters, two in their teens, we always have our eyes open for gift ideas we think they would like that are both meaningful and practical.

But with all three at home the last half of the school year and leading into the summer, we wanted to find some things that were more involved. Things that would engage them in activities that did not include an electronic.

In our search, we came across some great gift ideas that were both crafty and unique. Our girls loved creating their projects and have since taken on several more.

So if you are among the tons of people wondering what would make great gifts for teen girls, here are five gift ideas that have been tried, tested and given the stamp of approval.

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Diamond Art

I have my sister-in-law to thank for introducing our girls to this craze. I had never heard of it until she bought one for our oldest’s birthday. Ever since then, our girls have done several of these and I have to say, they turn out gorgeous.

diamond art of a blue tree
Sadie’s first Diamond Art picture.

To be honest, when my sister-in-law told me about it, I wasn’t sure how committed my daughter would be to finishing the picture. But all three of our girls have finished their own pictures and loved doing them.

Even our preteen, who doesn’t sit still for long, has been super engaged when working on her picture.

two teen girls on a couch working on diamond art
Hard at work on their Diamond Art.

Since then, our oldest has put together enough pictures that we bought her a light Pad, storage containers, replacement diamonds, and extra accessories.

After the recipient of your gift finishes the picture, she can frame and display it; she’ll love showing off her handiwork.

Tip: I definitely recommend a light pad if you want to purchase a Diamond Art picture as a gift. It helps with eye strain and props the picture enough so they aren’t bent over the entire time.

Paint By Number Kits

You might think that teen girls are not going to be thrilled with getting a Paint by Number Kit as a gift, but you would be wrong. Paint by Number has made quite the comeback and gained popularity with the younger generation.

If your girl is crafty or artistic, she’s going to love it! Here are some really gorgeous designs to choose from. (I’m planning to try my hand at it, too, and I have my eye on this one.)

Our oldest got a Baby Yoda Paint by Number for her birthday and was over the moon about it.

paint by number canvas laid out on a desk
Getting started on the picture.

She worked on it a little every day and felt so accomplished when she finished it.

teen girl holding up her finished paint by number art
Sadie is very proud of this one!

This is another gift idea that can be framed and should; some good, hard work went into it!

TIP: If you are looking to buy a Paint by Number Kit as a gift, you will want to consider adding something like this, as well. Sadie kept her paints in a bag and would have preferred having a carrying case to keep everything organized.

Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle

We actually bought this for our 10-year-old, but our teen girls loved helping their sister put it together.

If you know of anyone who loves all things Paris, this gift is perfect! Not only is it fun to put together, but it’s tall and lights up, too!

Eiffel tower Kit all laid out on a table
Here is the set all laid out.

This set even comes with a mini Statue of Liberty that you put together to get a hang of how assembling works.

finished product of the Eiffel Tower kit all put together
All put together!

As you can see, this is a large kit, but it makes quite the statement when you walk into a room and see it there. Especially at night with the LED lights glowing.

If you would prefer a city line puzzle of Paris, this one is pretty neat. But I would definitely check out all the 3D Puzzles, you’ll have no trouble finding one to match your teen’s likes.

TIP: Our 10-year-old needed help to put this kit together, but it should be just fine for a teenager to do. Just make sure you follow the steps carefully or you might need to redo something.

3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

I have to admit, I was a little jealous of our middle daughter’s kit, just from the picture on the outside of the box.

Mahaala is just like me and loves whimsical things. She was more than thrilled to get this as a gift.

teen girl putting together a clock kit
Mahaala was in her element!

This is such a great gift for teens because they can put it together on their own and the finished result is just so beautiful.

finished product of a DIY clock kit

As you can see, it’s just so elegant. I’m thinking about getting one for my office. 🙂

TIP: Getting the pieces to fit together can be a little tight but don’t worry, the material is not as fragile as it looks. Mahaala used a small object to “hammer” some pieces in place that were tighter than others, and it worked great.

DIY Ukulele

Sadie is our musical girl, but she also loves to create, so this gift idea was a perfect fit.

Putting the instrument together was more time-consuming than any of the other kits we ordered, as there are multiple steps involved.

One “setback” was that Sadie’s fingerboard was slightly smaller than the neck, so she had to sand down the neck to make a seamless fit.

teen girl painting a flower on her DIY Ukelele
Getting her craft on…

Sadie decided she wanted to add some charm to her ukelele, so she stained it and painted her design before adding the finishing touches. (Stain and paints are not included.)

If you do this, it will add more time to your project as you need to let it dry between coats.

finished product of a diy ukulele kit set up next to a full size guitar
Finished product.

Sadie was very pleased with the finished product and we have enjoyed countless hours of ukelele music as a result.

Not keen on a Ukelele? Check out these other DIY instruments!

TIP: The instructions are not very clear, but after a couple YouTube videos, Sadie and her dad had no problem finishing it.

These gifts were well-received, and our girls made some great memories of putting them together. We also have to keep the girl’s Diamond Art stocked as they are always working on them and wanting more. 🙂

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