Simple Trick to Help Kids Put Shoes on Right

My youngest had the hardest time learning which shoe goes on which foot. If I didn’t help her dress that morning (which she preferred doing by herself) I could always count on her shoes being on the wrong feet.

She hated when I told her they were switched around but I didn’t want any issues with her feet development so I tried everything I could think of to help her learn to do it on her own.

I’m honestly not sure if I read this somewhere, but since she could write her name well, I figured if I wrote half her name in one shoe and the other half of her name in the other, she could figure out which shoe went first.

little girl's shoes with half her name in one shoe and the other half of her name in the other shoe to show which shoe goes on the right foot.

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This simple trick was all she needed. I never had to show her again how to put her shoes on right and she felt so proud of herself that she could do it by herself.

Now if your little one has not learned their name yet, I have seen other methods where moms cut a sticker shape in half so they put the shape together when the shoes are lined up on the proper side. (These super cute ones are designed just for this purpose!)

But if you like the shape idea but want to DIY it, just do the same idea with a permanent marker. Draw half a shape in each shoe instead of using a sticker. You know your child best and which would be most effective.

Hope this helps save you some time and sanity while allowing your little one to grow just a bit more independent!

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