Unleash the Hidden Potential of Your Attic in 7 Practical Steps

View of ceiling from the attic of an apartment

When considering the top home upgrades that can make your home more livable or boost its value, many people think of improving the curb appeal or remodeling the kitchen. However, these are always great ideas, but are not the only solutions, especially for busy households. 

One option to consider is renovating your attic. After all, you have the space, so why not maximize it and make the most of it? If you’re looking for a home improvement project, this cloud is perfect for you, so here are seven steps to make it a reality. 

Determine What It Will Become

There’s no point in starting an attic remodel if you don’t have a plan. So, what do you want your attic to become? A spare bedroom could be ideal, especially if you have kids who are forced to share a room. Another option could be a home office so you can get away from the chaos of your household while working. These are just some examples, though. You can be as creative as you like when transforming your attic into something other than a glorified storage unit. 

Clear It Out

Photo of attic construction in cottage.

Most people use their attics to keep everything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. It’s convenient, but it also means that you may not be able to start on your attic remodel immediately. Take the time to clear out the space and declutter. You might find things you never knew you had, whether old books, records, or your kid’s favorite toys from when they were younger. You can donate or sell these items to generate extra cash and help you make space for the ideal remodel. 

Fix Any Issues 

Since you don’t spend lots (or any) time in your attic, you might not know how bad things have gotten. Weather and wear and tear could have damaged your roof, so you’ll need to address any issues before you start the work. Contacting a qualified roofer can help you get your attic back into the best condition to progress and calling pest removal can help you get rid of infestations that could put your house and family in danger. The quicker you address these problems, the sooner you can start work. 

Research Contractors 

 engineer and architect use calculator for calculate drawing design construction

If you consider yourself more than a little experienced in DIY, you might fancy yourself capable of carrying out this project yourself. However, there’s a chance that the scope of the work may be a little too much for you to handle. Instead, you’ll need to research contractors, at least to handle the jobs you aren’t comfortable with. It’s worth outlining a shortlist of the best and most affordable options in your area and speaking to them to get quotes and timelines. If you’re not in a hurry to remodel, you might be happy to wait a while until the best contractors are available. 

Consider Amenities 

If your attic is going to become more than a place to keep old clothes, you’ll want it to be as livable as possible. This means installing plumbing and electrical outlets (at the very least) to ensure you can make the most of it. This is essential whether you’re designing a home office or spare bedroom, as it is more convenient than expecting people to go downstairs to get a glass of water or brush their teeth. You should also determine the window situation to ensure you can install these for natural light.

Get Your Paint On 

woman holding dirty roller after painting walls in room

Your attic won’t feel complete without a fresh coat of paint. Since it won’t be as naturally bright as other parts of the house, you’re better off using bright colors, such as white or cream, that sufficiently reflect incoming sunlight and ensure you can work and live comfortably without experiencing eye strain or other problems. 

Address Safety Concerns 

Transforming your attic can also pose some safety concerns depending on the design. Using a hatch means there will always be a hole in the floor which someone could fall through if they are not careful. The attic may also be too cold during the winter, so insulation is essential. You will benefit from carrying out a risk assessment (or hiring an inspector to do so) to ensure you can address and avoid possible dangers. 

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Transforming your attic into a spare bedroom, home office, or art studio can make a huge difference to your home. You’ll have more space and increase its value dramatically. So, anyone who feels their DIY finger twitching should look no further than an attic remodel and get started as soon as possible. 

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