Show love to teachers with this adorable, free printable!

I don’t think we have to wait for the end of the year or for Teacher Appreciation Week to appreciate our teachers.

This Teacher Appreciation Printable allows your child to finish the sentences with their own words to make it a personal gift their teacher will love. And I think we can all agree our teachers deserve some extra appreciation, especially this year!

So instead of wondering how to write a letter of appreciation to your teacher, let this printable do most of the work. And it’s something you can print off every year for all of your children’s teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Printable

Download your free Teacher Appreciation Printable

"Thank you for being my teacher" printable for kids to fill out for their teacher

Ideas your kids can use to help them fill in the blanks

“I love the way you teach us how to”:

  • You can talk about a certain technique he/she uses or a song they sing for memorization.
  • If your teacher took the time to work on a specific project with the class, think of something that stood out to you and mention that.

“I’ve learned so much about”:

  • You can mention a subject that interests you.
  • Talk about the time you went on a certain field trip and something particularly fascinated you.

“My favorite part of the day is when we”:

  • Does your teacher do something fun during recess?
  • Does he/she read a book to the class during the day?
  • What about something he/she does to make learning fun?

“I like how you spend time with our class doing”:

  • In what subject is your teacher most hands-on? You can mention why you appreciate their participation during class.
  • Maybe during recess your teacher plays ball with the class, you can list how fun that is.

“I have so much fun when we”:

  • You can talk about the times you’ve enjoyed playing learning games, or when it rains and you have to stay indoors and play fun games as a class.
  • Maybe there’s a unique, fun thing your teacher does that other teachers don’t; mention that.

“The best part of the year has been”:

  • This is where you can list your favorite field trip, class party, or fundraiser.
  • Maybe mention how you finally understood fractions or something you struggled with beforehand.
  • Your teacher would love to hear how much being in his/her class has meant to you.

“My favorite memory is”:

  • Did something funny happen this year that only your class would understand?
  • Or maybe there was a time the entire class pitched in to help a classmate or another teacher in the school?

Note to students: These are just suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, but the most important thing to remember is to just be yourself. Your teacher(s) have been grading your work all year, they’ll recognize your work. And they’ll love most of all that you put in the effort to show your appreciation for the time and investment they’ve made in your life.

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