Prepare for the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt with These Surprising Fillers!

The moment Easter rounds the bend, candy galore starts hitting the shelves, promoting the sweetest and most colorful assortments. But some of us moms cringe at the thought of our kids eating all that candy. But what’s a mom to do when there are so few non-candy options?

Don’t worry mom, I’ve got you covered! In this post, I cover 25 goodies you can put in Easter eggs instead of candy, and your kids will love them just as much! Let’s get started.

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Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers

Brown rabbit on brown woven basket

1. Money

This really goes without saying, but money is as much an Easter egg staple as candy. When my sisters and I went on our annual egg hunt, we loved getting eggs that jangled and even ones that felt empty because we knew there were dollar bills in there. We totally preferred money to candy!

2. Easter Egg Coupons

Second, only to money, my girls LOVE getting these coupons in their eggs! Even now they are teenagers, they still make sure we have coupons included in the eggs every year. This makes their daddy and I feel pretty good because a good majority of the coupons we include are little dates with either him or me or both of us.

But we also make sure there are some other fun ideas like staying up late, extra electronic time, a budget to spend at a certain store, etc. (These Easter Egg Tokens are another variation of this.)

3. Easter Squishies

I don’t know what it is about these little guys, but my youngest loves them (the older two won’t admit it, but they play with their sister’s all the time!) and is always trading them with her classmates. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they’re actually pretty cute.

4. Tic Tac Toe Eraser Game

This little game set is so cute and allows your kids many hours of fun, long after the egg hunt is over.

5. Carrot Erasers

Cute erasers have been around forever and they never go out of style. I collected them as a kid, my girls collected them, and your kids are sure to love them, too.

Easter eggs on a table

6. Easter Crayons

These are Easter-shaped in bold colors that your kids will enjoy using as they color in their Easter coloring pages.

7. Fidget Toys

No list is complete without including some form of fidget toys. If you have kids, you know. These don’t even need an introduction. But I’ll just add these are small enough to fit in an Easter egg and your kids are going to go crazy for them.

8. Wood Animal Tokens

These are unique and fun little Easter egg fillers perfect for kids who love animals.

9. Mini Water Beads Stress Relief

This should be (usually is) included in fidget packs, but they’re popular enough to stand on their own.

10. Easter Wristbands

Festive with all the pastels, these wristbands make great egg fillers and your kids would enjoy sharing them with their friends, too.

11. Colorful Slime

Another item that needs no introduction but all the kids love.

Easter eggs on a wood floor

12. Marshmellow Scented Playdough

I love this one; it has all the elements of Easter candy without the sugar! And you could fit the playdough in the eggs quite nicely. Not to mention, it’s a great alternative to slime…

13. Easter Slap Bracelets

I can’t believe they still have slap bracelets. Well, I guess if they were fun for us back in the day…

14. Finger Puppets

These are so stinking cute and if you have more than one child you’re going to be entertained all day with these egg fillers!

15. Bubbles

What kid doesn’t love bubbles?? These are the perfect size to fit inside Easter eggs with just enough bubbles to keep them entertained outdoors while you prepare dinner. 🙂

16. Popping Eyes Keychains

Maybe I’m just getting old but I have never understood why kids go so crazy for these toys but they do. You better get yourself some. 😉

17. Mini Snake Cube Blocks

This one is just a little addicting. My daughter has several of these and I have a hard time not fidgeting with one whenever they’re within reach.

pinterest pin for what to put in Easter eggs that isn't candy

18. Decorate the Egg Easter Stickers

These are so fun, kids will love getting to decorate their Easter eggs with these designs and funny faces.

19. Easter Temporary Tattoos

Kids will love these temporary tattoos and all the fun and festive ways they can apply them.

20. Easter Stamps

With ten different designs, kids are going to enjoy decorating all. the. things. with their new stamps!

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