5 Vacation Types Where You’ll Enjoy Time on the Water

Gentle wave on the sandy Poipu beach in Hawaii, Kauai

If traveling more has been on your mind, you are not alone. After losing out on so many opportunities during the pandemic years, we are all now making up for lost time. Vacations are the perfect way to create the magical memories you and your family deserve. 

However, it’s not just about exploring the land. Frankly, embracing the water can be your secret weapon for better adventures. Here are five examples that should provide something for everyone.

Boating Adventures

yacht on the ocean

There is something uniquely exciting about being on a boat. Whether you’re the captain or a passenger, yachts offer a great sense of luxury. Moreover, the world is your oyster, giving you the freedom to explore the best boating destinations in style. The privacy, control over your itinerary, and opportunities to dive into the sea are incredible. Alternatively sailing around the harbor or lake delivers enjoyment and tranquility at once.

The great thing about boating adventures is that you won’t have to travel halfway around the world to find them either.


Woman tourist standing in front of big cruise liner, travel female.

When you think about exploring the world by sea, cruises are the most obvious example. Not least because there are options for everyone. You can take a short weekend cruise or spend a month aboard one that visits multiple destinations. Likewise, options range from family-friendly Disney cruises to adventures aimed at couples or the over 50s. From budget getaways to once-in-a-lifetime luxury holidays, you will find something you love.

Everyone should experience a cruise at least once in their life. If you’ve yet to have the pleasure, 2024 could be your chance. 

Beach Vacations

preschool age girl standing on sandy beach with blue shallow water and clean sky on background

Modern life is hectic, and spending a week or two on the beach can be the ultimate way to recharge your batteries. Topping up your tan while sinking a few drinks on the sand is certainly enjoyable. However, you can also enjoy a range of top watersports such as waterskiing and surfing. The combination of fun sports and relaxed times on the beach will create an idyllic vacation. You can also relax in your hotel or villa.

Actions are supposed to deliver extraordinary experiences, as boasting does. When at the beach, snorkeling and scuba diving are the perfect choices.

Fishing Trips

Fishing on a boat on the sea near the rocky shore

Fishing trips are the perfect solo travel experience when you want to de-stress and reconnect with nature. However, they make an equally great choice for cheap escapes with friends and family. Sea fishing and catching sharks are exhilarating. Conversely, few experiences are as peaceful as lake fishing. You could also fish in the rivers to catch wild salmon. There is plenty of room to tailor the trip to your preferences.

Once again, if you’re looking to create memories that you can cherish, this is ideal. Teaching your kids to fish, for example, will stay with you forever. 

Waterpark Holidays

little girl playing with small fountains in the town square on a hot summer day

Finally, you could enjoy a few days at a fun waterpark. Many family resorts will include tickets to waterparks. If not, you can always book a week ticket and then stay at a nearby villa or hotel. They are found in dozens of countries too, giving you plenty of choices. It is very easy to incorporate this as one part of a larger vacation. When traveling with kids, it is an almost guaranteed way to ensure that they’ll have fun.

Whether you’re a major water enthusiast or not, getting out on the water will make your year a magical one that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

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