DIY Laundry Room Remodel

If you read my post about our Our DIY Basement Remodel, then you already know about my aversion to the basement in our first home. It was dark, seriously outdated and I hated being down there. 

But it was where my laundry room was located so I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. The only plus side my laundry room offered was it’s massive size and ample room for storage. Which we took full advantage of once we began our remodel. I can’t wait to show you the pictures!

But first, this was what our laundry room looked like before hand:

dark and dingy picture of a laundry room

I’m sorry for the awful lighting and grainy photo but it should give you the general idea of what I saw everyday I did laundry.

When we were getting our house ready to sell, we knew we needed to update as much as possible but we were also on a budget. So our overall goal for this room was to update the existing elements (flooring, paint, etc.) and add some custom built-ins that my husband designed for the space.

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We started with the flooring first which meant we had to pull up the awful brown tiles. This revealed some patches of mold so we talked to some professionals and they recommended Kilz. We have used Kilz before on other projects and love how effective it is. So we applied it to the floors and walls with two coats.

laundry room after a seal coating was painted on the floor

After this dried, we added a light grey coat of Behr Marquee, my favorite brand of paint. (Did you know it really covers in just one coat?!)

Because we were both busy with the painting, there was no one to capture pictures of all our hard work. 🙂

man laying peel and stick tile on a basement floor

Next, we bought the most budget-friendly peel-and-stick tile we could find that also went well with the wall color. You can’t tell from the pics, but there are blue flecks in the tile that matched the paint on the walls perfectly. It was a nice find. (peel-and-stick floor tile has really come a long way and is a great, cost-effective way to update a space.)

As you can see, we had three little helpers to make the process go faster. 🙂

finished picture of a laundry room after the remodel

I couldn’t believe how much a coat of paint and new flooring transformed this space! It was shocking to me and I couldn’t stop going down there to admire it. In fact, I actually enjoyed doing my laundry. 🙂

Storage Room

This next pic is of the opposite side of the laundry room where we stored our things.

Laundry Room Remodel reveal picture

Steve wanted to utilize this space better so he designed a tote storage rack that would allow us to store all our totes and still give us easy access to each one. I absolutely loved the finished result and made him promise to make me one at our new home.

built in shelves for storing totes

Laundry Sorter

Steve also wanted to utilize the space in front of our washer and dryer so he designed a folding station and basket racket which turned out amazing! I loved having my baskets off the floor so I wasn’t as worried about spiders or centipedes jumping out at me. Plus, this made everything easy to organize and made the space look so nice.

DIY Laundry sorter with counter top

This was another design I made him promise to implement in my new laundry room.

After the remodel was complete, I was so in love with the space I was having a hard time wanting to let it go. haha!

This is the pic our realtor used for our listing and I think it does a great job of capturing our DIY laundry room remodel.

picture of a basement laundry room

Seeing this bright, cheery room, it’s hard to imagine that it ever looked like the dark and dreary space you saw in the first picture.

After all the work we put into our basement, the new homeowners really got a brand new home with double the space. I was happy for them but I was even happier our hard work paid off when we accepted an offer well above the asking price.

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