How Wink Changed the Game for my Family

Looking for the best, all-natural products for your family? Look no further than Wink!

After being diagnosed with skin cancer last year, I really started focusing on what products our family was using and how natural they really were. But I didn’t just want something that claimed to be natural, I also needed it to be truly effective.

I’ve tried many products over the past year but one I had never heard of, Wink Naturals, changed our lives in a personal way.

You see, although my cancer surgery was successful; it left its toll on my youngest daughter, who struggled with great anxiety over the fear of losing me.

No matter how I tried to comfort her fears, she could hardly leave my side. And she was getting worse by the week.

My sister-in-law gave me a product called Zen Drops and told me to try giving them to our daughter for her anxiety. I figured it couldn’t hurt, especially since I knew it was a natural product and I was comfortable with the ingredients listed.

Within a few weeks of taking the drops, our daughter was a different girl. She went from taking the drops nearly every hour to maybe once a week and now, a year later, she doesn’t need them anymore.

I was so thankful for how that little bottle helped our lives resume that I immediately started trying Wink’s other products.

If you are like me and Wink Naturals is new to you, too, let me explain how else these products have helped me as a mom and you can see if this is a company worth checking out.

numerous products from Wink Naturals displayed

What is Wink?

Wink first started as a company that specialized in providing natural products for moms and their babies but has since grown to include family items and even a men’s line.

As a Mom, Why do I Choose Wink Naturals?

As you read, the very first product I tried changed our lives. I don’t say that to be dramatic, but if you have ever had a child struggle with anxiety, then you will understand the toll this takes on a family.

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge “natural mom”, but knowing that what our family uses is natural and safe has become a big deal to me. With Wink, I understand what is in every product and I can feel confident in using them.

And my kids love their products. They get just as excited for my boxes to come in, often reminding me to reorder when we are running low. They’re Wink kids for sure!

And I love that I can try any product and if I am not satisfied, they have a “100% Happy Guarantee”. I just need to email them at and they take care of any issues I have.

Their customer service is friendly, personal and honestly, the gals who work with you are so awesome you’ll want to keep the conversation going. lol

(I sometimes include affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission off any purchases you make, at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.)

Wink Naturals Product Reviews

I’ll review some of the products I’ve used but if you want to try them for yourself, use code KimberlyM10 for 10% off your order!

Boost + Vitamin C

Boost + Vitamin C Power Immune boosting Drink from Wink Naturals

I love Boost. So do the others in our family. Seriously, it’s a sad day in our house when we run out and our next shipment hasn’t arrived.

I am not a powdered drink person. I don’t like flavored waters or Gatorade, etc. So I had no plans to try Boost. But my sis-in-law gave me a sample, and I wanted to say I at least tried it.

She didn’t give me enough! haha We passed around the water bottle like it was the last bottle on earth, and I ordered my own canister right then.

We drink it every day. Mainly because it tastes so good. But my husband (whose stomach cannot tolerate vitamins) can drink this with no problems, and it has helped keep him hydrated on summery days working in the yard.

It has only 10 calories per serving and the sugar count is so minuscule I don’t even count it in my daily amount. It has a great source of immune-supporting vitamins, including Elderberry and Echinacea, so I feel great about my kids taking it, who really needs no motivation; they LOVE it! Since taking it, my family has avoided getting sick this season.

AND, probably best of all, it has hampered my desire for soda, which has helped me lose weight!

Tip: I fill my 24oz bottle with water and 1/2 scoop of boost twice a day. I have no problem getting in my daily quota of water now. (Make sure you shake it well and it’s best when cold.)

Zen Drops

wink naturals zen drops

You already know why I love this product, but I have to add my own personal experience after trying it out for the first time myself.

After my hysterectomy, my usual even-keel hormones lost their ever-loving mind and I found myself feeling like a passenger on a plane without a pilot. It’s quite scary.

So while I was in my kitchen cooking dinner the other day, trying desperately to fend off the overwhelm that insisted I needed to curl up in the corner of the room and cry hysterically, I asked my daughter to fetch me the drops. And hurry.

The instructions say that I should use two dropper fulls, but honestly, my first impression of the taste was enough to stop at only one (I’m not much of a chocolate fan). And then I went back to making dinner.

Halfway through cutting veggies, I suddenly realized I felt completely myself and in control again. I couldn’t even tell you when the transition happened or how fast it happened, but it was such a marked difference I could have cried. From joy (or relief!), not the hide-in-the-corner overwhelm from earlier.

So I’m just going to say this, Zen Melts has bumped itself up to my favorite product. Because not even my go-to calming oils could touch the hysteria that was building in me. This stuff is quite literally, a game-changer!

It’s also great to take with their Sleep Melts.

Tip: Did you know Zen Drops are safe to give to dogs? They are great for storms and fireworks when your dog might be most scared. Our Fable shakes terribly during both, but she loves the drops and they calm her enough to stop the shaking.

Llama Lotion

Wink naturals llama lotion

One of our daughters sometimes suffers from incredibly dry hands, and nothing seems to touch it. And most lotions burn when applied.

For the longest time we have been using coconut oil, but she hated the oily feeling it left behind.

Llama Lotion is the only one she has tried that she will use now. It never burns to put it on, and it soaks up nicely. Plus, it’s just thick enough to feel truly moisturized.

Tip: For the times when the dryness is extra, we will top the lotion with a thin layer of Bum Balm to trap in the moisture longer.

Sleep Zen Melts

Wink sleep melts

I bought these for myself since I sometimes have trouble sleeping but I am not a huge fan of mint, so even though these melts really help me relax, I don’t take them often.

My girls, on the other hand, love the taste of mint and love taking them before bed. I rarely hear anything from their room after they take the melts, which has been nice on nights when they would have otherwise chatted for hours and woken tired the next day.

They also carry Kids Sleep Drops which my sister-in-law gives to her daughter who is a bundle of energy every waking moment. And my niece loves taking the drops, too!

Tip: If you want to try just one sleep product, you can half the adult melts for kids or double the dose for adults if you get the kids melts.


wink natural energy

I’m not a fan of anything that claims to boost energy as I have heart arrhythmia and energy supplements tend to make it worse.

But this brand does not have this effect on me. It gives me a gentle boost of energy and clarity, which most moms need during the day. I take one mid-morning when I feel myself getting tired and I can take more throughout the day as needed.

Tip: When trying them out, I recommend taking just one and work yourself up to three at a time if needed.

Foaming Oil Bath Wash

Foaming Oil Bath Wash from Wink Naturals

In the past, foaming bath washes have always left me disappointed. You normally need a few pumps to get a decent lather and I just don’t feel clean afterward.

Wink’s Foaming Oil Bath Wash is unlike any foaming soap I’ve tried before. I love the smell; it lathers beautifully and my skin feels cleaned and moisturized afterward.

And yes, the entire family uses it, not just the kids. It’s also great for bubble baths and as a make-up remover, too!

Tip: The bottle recommends up to three pumps but I use only one, which is plenty for me. Which saves product and money in the long run.

Protect and Whiten Toothpaste

natural toothpaste from Wink Naturals (fluoride-free)

Dementia runs in my family and so we have decided to limit our use of fluoride and changing our toothpaste was the first (and easiest) change we have made.

But trying to find a toothpaste that has an ingredient to replace the benefits of fluoride has been tough. Enter Wink.

Their toothpaste uses Kalident to naturally remineralize tooth enamel, and as a mom, it’s a big deal to know my kids are getting the best dental care without compromising their health.

Don’t forget to check out their new bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal-infused bristles!

Tip: The toothpaste is a bit tough to squeeze out but if you press the tube against the counter, it works great! Edit: They now have a new formula so this is no longer an issue.

Comfort Patch

natural well-being support comfort patch from Wink naturals

I work at my desk several hours a day, but there are times I get an incredible ache across my shoulder blades that keep me from working. The last time that pain flared up, I tried one of Wink’s Comfort Patches and was so impressed!

Within five minutes I noticed a reduction in the pain level and could continue working for the rest of the day.

My mom-in-law who suffers from incredible back pain says these patches are the only pain relief she gets, as her pain meds just don’t cut it anymore.

Tip: These are really great for after surgery care!

3-Step Skin Care System

I have never been impressed with foam cleansers in skincare systems, but the Purity cleanser surprised me. Not only does it lather perfectly, you really feel the cleansing power. One pump is more than enough.

Both the Illuminate and Replenish moisturizers make your face feel pampered and fully hydrated, which feels especially amazing when the weather gets really hot or during dry seasons.

Don’t forget to order a set of Magic Makeup Removing Cloths! These are the softest cloths you’ll ever use and they work awesome at removing makeup!

Tip: I use about half-pump full of products during the spring and fall months when my face doesn’t need as much hydration.

What is the best way to purchase products?

You can simply order online (use code KimberlyM10 for 10% off!) or you can save money and shipping by creating subscriptions.

Subscriptions allow you to auto-ship anything you don’t want to risk running out of, and they offer it at a reduced price. Plus, the shipping is free!

Wink lets you know ahead of time when your next shipment is due to ship so you can swap out items or push the shipment back to whenever you need it. (Make sure you add their email to your contacts so the email doesn’t get lost in the spam filter.)

Is Wink a pyramid scheme or MLM?

Wink used to have an excellent venture member program where people could earn money by selling Wink products but that program is no longer available. You can still be an affiliate for them or sell products wholesale, but those are the only options available if you would like to partner with Wink.

Ok, this is my Wink review and as you can see, I have loved getting to know these products and introducing them to our family’s daily routines. And knowing they have natural and plant-based ingredients makes them more valuable to me, as a mom.

Wink Naturals has great products for families, but if you are a young family, their line of baby care products are great! But don’t just take my word for it, head over to their website and check out their products for yourself! (Don’t forget your 10% discount code: KimberlyM10)

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