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Healthy Alternatives for Everyday Items

Healthy AlternativesHealthy alternatives are easier than you might think to implement.

We’ve all seen the articles, the videos the friends who warn us of the dangers of living unhealthy lives. Sometimes, their words are gentle nudges in the right direction but most aren’t. Most healthy alternatives are laced with warnings of near death if we do not adhere immediately.

I love living as much as the next person but I don’t like living in fear. I know I want the best for myself and my family but can’t I have that without all the added fear-mongering?

Let me just state, I am not a crunchy person. I’m actually pretty lacking in those qualifications. However, I do try to incorporate healthy changes into our lives whenever possible. On my own terms, not the terms of the most recent sales person trying to get me to buy a 30 day supply of vitamins for $90. (I mean, who has that kind of cash? Think about it, with five members in our family, that’s $450 a month for one vitamin. I would have to choose who gets to be healthy and who doesn’t. I don’t need that kind of pressure!)

Most of the changes we make in my family are simple and easy. They are also cost-effective. I do my research to find the best products but I also try to find those products at the best price. Healthy living can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

This post is a simple compilation of healthy alternatives you can use today that can not only save you money but start you on the track to a healthier you.

Let’s get started!

Healthy Alternatives in the Kitchen

Coconut oil is filled with healthy fats that are essential to a healthy lifestyle. I love using coconut oil; it has SO many uses and not just for humans, it’s excellent for dogs, too! You will want to use unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil for the purest quality.

  • Real Butter

Margarine is one of the worst things you can put in your body. This was a hard change for me because there is a taste difference but now that I’ve used butter exclusively I actually prefer the taste of it now. Butter made from grass-fed cows have the best nutrients.

We use sugar in our sweet tea (and drink it religiously) so it was important to me to find an alternative that did not leave a nasty aftertaste or altered the taste in our tea. Cane sugar has worked well for us.

  • Milk (free of hormones, etc.)

We have had to switch to hormone-free milk due to the reactions it was causing in one of our daughters. It was a good change! Thankfully, all of Aldi’s kinds of milk have gone hormone-free because, if you know me, you know I shop mostly at Aldi.

  • Packaged Food (free of synthetic dyes)

Synthetic dyes are linked to numerous health problems. Aldi (as well as other stores) has taken the initiative to remove them from their products. Buying food free of synthetic dyes is a great but small step you can make easily.

  • White to Wheat (bread, rice, etc.)

I know wheat is also on the chopping block for many healthy people, but for the sake of not overwhelming my attempts at switching out white starches for healthier alternatives, we’re sticking with grains for now.

Table salt is highly processed whereas sea salt is more natural. Himalayan salt, on the other hand, is chock full of minerals. 84 to be exact. I think it tastes better, too. (You will find a lot of healthier options taste better.)

Olive oil is an excellent alternative to vegetable oil. I use both olive oil and coconut oil in cooking. You are going to want to buy olive oil that has been cold-pressed to preserve its nutritional value.


Healthy Alternatives in the Living Quarters

If you have never heard of a salt lamp and its health benefits, let me encourage you to look them up! They help sanitize the air and keep things fresh, among other things. We have one in our living room and I plan to put one in each of our bedrooms, too. I love its calming effect!

Essential oils have been around for centuries. They are still highly regarded in many countries and making a comeback in America. Instead of burning candles which release synthetic fragrances into your home, try a diffuser. You can make blends that smell AMAZING! Plus, the health benefits of breathing in essential oils are numerous. If you choose a diffuser that uses water, make sure it’s a cool mist as heat breaks down properties in the oil thus lessening its benefits.

Healthy Alternatives in the Bathroom

Our skin is our biggest organ and soaks in toxins every time we apply them to our bodies. Switching to an organic soap will keep chemicals off your skin and nourish it with products that are natural. This organic soap is so universal your whole family can use it!

If you have never heard of Norwex, you are missing out on simplifying your life! Their body clothes are my favorite product and saved my sanity when we were remodeling our bathroom. Due to their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, their rags clean with only water which is great if you have sensitive skin and soaps cause irritation. And they work excellent! Make sure to clean them according to directions to keep them working properly.

If you are tired of using pads and tampons due to their chemical footprint, a Diva cup is an excellent alternative! Plus, the amount of money you save each month more than pays for it. It comes in two sizes for pre-childbirth and after.

Switching to a natural deodorant is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health! If you would prefer a more in-depth review of which one you should buy, read my post Do Natural Deodorants Really Work?)

This is another easy change! Ever since I have switched to a natural toothpaste, my teeth are not as sensitive. Jason toothpaste is my favorite brand and they have many flavors to choose from. In fact, we have three different flavors in our cabinet right now. haha


Online Stores That Offer Healthy Alternatives

I love this vitamin company! They always give you much more than you pay for! I mean, LOOK at this offer: Buy 2 get 3 FREE + Free Shipping on $10 or more! Valid on Puritan’s Pride brand items. Code: 2GET3PP.

If you are looking for a healthier skin care line, check out Handcrafted Honey Bee. They have so much to choose from and you get 15% off your first purchase just by going through my link!

A friend told me about Vitacost and I was so glad she did! Not only do they have sales constantly, they also have fast shipping and great customer service! Once when I didn’t receive a box of goods I’d ordered (I think it was stolen from my front door) I contacted them and they resent my order, no questions asked. I just love using them!


This is just a small list, a gentle nudge if you will, but by covering the basics it should start you in the right direction should you choose to take steps in removing toxins from your family’s daily routines.

Making a conscientious effort towards living better should be important to everyone, but not everyone can go all in right away. I couldn’t. But I’m very glad I started somewhere. For my sake and my family’s.

I would love to hear from you! Tell me in the comments what changes you have made in your life that have been good for your family.

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18 thoughts on “Healthy Alternatives for Everyday Items

  1. If you haven’t tried ghee, I think you would like that option as well. It has a higher smoke point than butter, which is excellent for stove top cooking. I like the taste as well.
    Great article!

  2. I absolutely love coconut oil. Have you ever tried oil pulling? Swishing a couple teaspoons of coconut oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It whitens, strengthens, kills bad breath germs, and has seriously helped my tooth sensitivity from whitening during my college days (whitening strips are the devil!). It apparently also helps with other health issues, but I can only attest to mouth health.

  3. I have friends that swear by the Diva Cup! And you’ve convinced me on a few of these other items too. Thanks for the gentle and not all judgey nudge!

  4. I have started making a few changes too, nothing crazy. But like using coconut oil, EVOO and using a diffuser. I would love to try the Diva cup next…but TMI…my flow is super heavy and unsure of how well it would work for me.

    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. These are really great alternatives. I’ve become more aware of the type of products coming into my home, and I’ve also learned that buying into hype can also be quite harmful. I do think too much salt is bad for you, but table salt fortified with iodine is actually good for you, because iodine is hard to get elsewhere. Sea salt isn’t that great, because it isn’t fortified with anything. It’s just salt. Himalayan salt, depending on where it’s mined, can have harmful chemicals still lingering from the mines.

    Ashlynn |

  6. These are great suggestions! I have been looking into purchasing natural toothpastes and deodorants as soon as I run out of my current ones. I’ve also found that by making many of our favorite freezer meals from scratch (homemade pizza vs. frozen pizza), we’ve cut down on a lot of added sugar and preservatives.

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